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A department dedicated to young audiences was set up in 2005 in order to produce quality contents for children and their families. Productions by Benecé Children transmit positive values and are educational yet entertaining at the same time.


A daily kids’ programming block for 4-9 year olds, led by a 3D animated character called Non. Born on a child’s desktop, Non sets out to discover the world through his questioning, thoughts and dreams, mirroring the behaviour of children his age. The program, broadcast daily in Catalonia, includes a variety of short productions and animation series aimed at educating and entertaining children as well as maintaining their attention and stimulating their desire to learn.



Magical minutes conceived to improve the musical sensitivity, the knowledge and the love for music among children from a tender age, unifying the senses of sight and hearing. Nice illustrations are animated in 2D following the rhythms, tones and shapes of classical, contemporary and popular music.

A totally exclusive proposal to introduce children from an early age into music through images. Highly pedagogical.

Finalist on the International Television Festival Prix Visionica of Poland.

Songs in different languages
39 x 15’’ to 2’

AGE: 1-4

The giraffe Ba-ba and her friends learn about our daily world: the different colours, food, nature and more. The contents and the format are specially conceived for young viewers.

Language: Catalan (voice over)
607 x 5’

AGE: 3-6

Bettina and Martí is a fiction series for children who dream while being awake. They will show us that every day life can be magical if we use our imagination. The two 5-year old children have a world of their own, where socks fall in love and in which they trap the clouds with a butterfly net…

Language: Catalan (voice over)
20 x 3’

AGE: 3-6

Through the adventures of a girl, her cat and the cat’s pet, we will travel to mythical places where magical things happen. On their journeys around the world and outer space, our heroes make friends with inhabitants from all over the universe and they return from each place with memories of exotic landscapes and thousands of photographs.

Language: Catalan (voice over)

AGE: 4-7

When we close our eyes and let our imagination run wild, the unreal becomes real… Alex is dreaming is an animated series that takes us into the thoughts and wonders of a young boy who’s asleep.

Language: Catalan (voice over)
75 x 25’’ to 50’’

AGE: 6-11

Captain Cistern lives many crazy adventures in space. He is willing to save humanity, but normally makes a mess instead. Humour and fantasy are the key ingredients of this comical series.

Language: Catalan (voice over)
35 x 2’40’’

AGE: 6+

The King of the House is a television production about the jealousy of brothers and sisters and about the desire of power.

With the arrival of a baby brother, the king of the house is dethroned. What can he do to rule the house again?

Language: Catalan / Spanish

AGE: 6-10

In this series, we learn about the amazing underwater world. In each episode we learn in a fun and informative way about a different species; like the sunfish, the octopus, the seahorse or the shark.

Language: Catalan (voice over)

AGE: 7-9

Funny games and mental challenges to improve the mental agility of children.

Language: Catalan (voice over)
66 x 25’’-50’’

AGE: 8-10

Based on a poetic fantasy story by Hans Christian Andersen, this is the tale about best friends Kay and Gerda, that play together every day. One very cold winter day, the Snow Queen kidnaps Kay and takes him away on her sleigh. Gerda then starts a voyage in search of her best friend in unknown territories.

Language: Catalan / English (voice over)
10 x 3’ or a 23’ short film

AGE: 10+

Attractive approach to astronomy for all audiences. The different episodes describe the earth, the moon, the planets, the stars, constellations, galaxies… with images from direct observation as well as computer-generated 3D recreations we are following the astronomic models and the most recent scientific discoveries. Each episode invites the audience to discover and enjoy the show of the Universe.

Recommended for parents and teachers.
Language: Catalan
150 x 5’

AGE: 10+

The viewer gets absorbed in to the depth of masterpieces by famous painters. Through a 3D treatment of the images, we discover the secrets hidden inside jewels like Botticelli’s The Birth of Venus, Jan Van Eyck’s The Arnolfini Couple, Edouard Manet’s Le Déjeuner Sur L’herbe and many more.

Recommended for parents and teachers.
Language: Catalan / Spanish
25 x 5’

AGE: 4+

Aracaladanza has created this dance show Nubes inspired in the pictorial work of the belgian painter René Magritte. The staging is born and transformed like his works, where personalities and magic situations appear. The dance is also one of the ways of drawing and creating new shapes in the space.

Recommended for children, parents and teachers.
51’ dance show + 20’ extras

AGE: 6+

Registration of the dance show Momentari by the dance company Nats Nus, that was born with the intention of accompanying children in the discovery of dance.

Also available: a book with activities to do at home and at school, we will make us live the delight of the dance.

Recommended for children, parents and teachers.
Language: English / Catalan / Spanish / French
Dance show: 50’

AGE: 5+

Registration of the dance show Flexelf, by the dance company Angels Margarit / CIA Mudances. This dance performance is based on concepts of flexibility, elasticity, transformation, reversal, and reflection.

Various audiovisual extras available.
Recommended for children, parents and teachers.
Language: English / Catalan / Spanish / French
50’ dance show + 30’ extras

AGE: 6+

In a fun and playful way prestigious musical educators, choreographers and musicians teach us more about the family of brass wind instruments in the series Metallics.

The program contains a 45 minutes concert, an animated dictionary, choreographies and clips in which the musicians explain about their work and their instruments.

Recommended for children, parents and teachers.
Language: Extras in English / Catalan / Spanish
45’ concert + 60’ extras

AGE: 6+

The importance of the voice is explained starting with the crying of a baby and ending with an opera singer. Twelve soloist singers interpret a varied repertoire of traditional songs, classical music and much more. The program contains a 48 minutes concert, an animated dictionary and explications about the human voice by the director, the musicians and the composer.

Recommended for children, parents and teachers.
Language: Extras in English / Catalan / Spanish
48’ concert + 44’ extras

AGE: 6+

This program offers an educational way to discover how a symphony orchestra works. Featuring Benjamin Britten’s Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra, plus five compositions written by contemporary Catalan composers.

Also available: an animated dictionary with key music and dance terms, animated illustrations with the history of the symphony orchestra and an animated presentation of the Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra.

Recommended for children, parents and teachers.
Language: Concert in Catalan (voice over).
Extras in English / Catalan / Spanish
50’ concert + 80’ extras

AGE: 6+

No less than 200 years ago, the composer Gioachino Rossini wrote the music for the tale of Cinderella.

A rat will take us on a trip through the story, in which we will see how Angelina, the young Cinderella, just needs to believe in her dreams if she wants them to come true.

Also available: a karaoke song, a making of and an explanation about the development of the opera.

Language: Catalan
Subtitles: Spanish / English / Chinese
Opera: 60’

AGE: 11-16

Six teenagers are trying to find their place in the world. Through their personal diaries, we enter in their lives and experiences via the point of view of each one of them.

Language: Catalan (voice over)


Once upon a time there was a chubby boy called Ricky, who was transported to an unknown and magical world… And there was also a girl, known as Lil’ Red Hood, that soon becomes Ricky’s best friend. The city they live in seems a little special and some of the residents look familiar. Where have we seen them before?

Of course: in the fairy tales we enjoyed as children! But now these characters have grown up and their stories have changed!

In this crazy and magical world Ricky and Lil’ Red Hood are always on the lookout for adventures while they are trying to find a way for Ricky to go home. With the help their friends from the Fairy Tale World, they have to fight against evil robots, unscrupulous constructors and outrageous enterprises.