Since 2000 Benecé produces creative documentaries and feature films screened in the international market.

Benecé collaborates with creators of different artistic disciplines in order to create audiovisual pieces framed in the author’s curious and original point of view.

Benecé believes in the storytelling that moves the spectator; the documentary and film department’s aim is to produce films that explore different expression styles in order to offer a formal and content variety.

FÈNIX 11·23 (2012)
Directed by: Joel Joan / Sergi Lara
Written by: Albert Plans / Hèctor Hernández Vicens

In autumn 2004, Èric Bertran, a 14 year-old boy, creates a website inspired by Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix to defend the Catalan language.

One night, thirty federal officers from the anti-terrorist unit in Madrid burst into his house and accuse him of cyberterrorism. His crime? Sending an email to a chain of supermarkets requesting that labelling should be in Catalan.

INGRID (2009)
Directed by: Eduard Cortés
Written by: Eduard Cortés / Marta Puig

After the break-up of his marriage, Àlex sets himself up in a new house. There he meets Ingrid, an eccentric twenty-three-year-old artist who, from now on, will be his neighbour. Concerts, performances, parties and exhibitions are commonplace in the house where a fascinating atmosphere of creative freedom prevails.

Ingrid and Àlex quickly develop a peculiar and close friendship, but little by little he begins to discover that Ingrid’s enthralling world conceals unexpected mysteries.

Directed by: Isaki Lacuesta
Written by: Isaki Lacuesta / Isa Campo

Martín, a former activist who has been in exile in Spain for over thirty years, receives a call from a former comrade, Raúl, who asks him to return. Raúl needs help in the excavation work he has begun in the jungle to try and find the remains of a mutual colleague, Ezequiel, who disappeared after a clash with soldiers.

The excavation Raúl has organised is clandestine, arranged behind the government’s back so he can do things “his way”. In a house near the excavation site, Raúl has brought together the people closest to Ezequiel: Andrea (his widow and a former common friend that now hates Martín for leaving for Europe in the middle of the struggle); Luisa, his aged mother; Vicky, a fellow captive of Andrea’s in a detention center; and Pablo, Vicky’s son, who’s participating in the excavation as a digger. Only one character has refused to go with them: Silvia, Ezequiel and Andrea’s daughter, who has been at odds with her mother for years and who is convinced that the armed struggle was a grave error on the part of her parents’ generation.

Forced to live together under the same roof for several days, the old friends find that their way of understanding the world has changed drastically since the days of the conflict. The tension builds.

Directed by: Eduard Cortés
Written by: Gerard Vázquez / Eduard Cortés / Joan Font

Berlin, 1944. Charlie Rivel has to put on an act for the Führer’s birthday. Two people are anxious to perform with him: a Gestapo agent, and someone who is planning an attack that could change the course of the war and the history of humankind.

The clown & the Fuhrer combines the humour of the situation with one of the most savage and overwhelming tragedies in the history of mankind: the Nazi holocaust.

Written and Directed by: Marc Recha

The urge to know more about a missing friend opens the door to a long period of investigation, months of interviews, hour upon hour spent listening to the recorded material. And after this exhausting experience there’s a need to disconnect and get some air. And so, two brothers set off on a journey for a few days vacation, on the summer of the drought travelling into unknown countryside where many ups and downs befell their grandfather, and come across a series of drifting characters that submerge them in a lost paradise.

Written and Directed by: Diego Yaker

Convinced that he has no longer future in his country, Diego, a young Argentinean guy with Catalan roots, is obsessed with getting his grand father’s birth certificate. He needs a Spanish passport to open the European doors for him.

In spite of the economic difficulties of his family, he’s finally able to buy a ticket to Barcelona. There he will discover the struggles of the immigrants life, but he’ll also find out love. Nevertheless, Diego will fight to forge his future ahead, as his grandfather did before when he left his country.