BNCNEWS is specialized in the production and coverage of news for the media and singular events (social and corporate acts and ceremonies, cultural and sport events).

Currently BNCNEWS covers a total of 400 monthly news coverages.

Our technological equipment is of the last generation and we work in all formats and mediums. Our cameramen and reporters have more than 10 years of reconized experience in different themes working for TVE, TVC, EFE agency, Reuters or CNN.

If the shooting would need it, BNCNEWS has 4 editors who develop journalistic- and production tasks.

News & Broadcast

  • News service for RTVE (Barcelona)
  • News service for TVC (London)


We have been representing one of Spain’s number one OB-van companies for years now, and we can arrange for a Digital Satellite OB-van to cover your news event or program and have it available on satellite.


We can arrange for one of our camera operators with or without presenter and sound technician to fulfil your punctual newsgathering needs, upon request.

Contact us for more information.

HD Mobile Unit

Dimensions 9m x 2,5m x 3,75m


  • Up to 8 cameras HD/DSI (Triax RF configuration) SONY HDC 1550
  • Gigawave RF multichannel receptor with OCP’s RF total control
  • Video mixer Kahuna HD / SD.DVE
  • Video matrix Pesa Cheeta HD 32×32
  • System glue HD/SD Snell & Willcox with Roll Call
  • Up to 6 VTRs HDCAM or 2 VTRs HDCAM and 1 EVS XT2 6 Ch
  • Presence monitor Marshall
  • Videotex technical control


  • Sound mixer Yamaha DM1000 with 32 in
  • Intercom RTS Zeus 24×24
  • Talkback System RTS
  • Sound monitor Genelec
  • CD Tascam
  • Minidisk Tascam
  • Dolby 5.1
  • 3 x ISDN AEQ Eagle
  • Hybrid system AEQ TH 02