Benecé owns the movie theaters Cinemes Girona, which is a complex containing 3 screens, in the centre of Barcelona.

This last year our movie theaters have converted into a permanent window for the last productions of the Asian cinema. Like: Une vie toute neuve, Gantz, Gantz: Perfect Answer or Outrage.

Besides being the venue of the Barcelona Asian Film Festival in its last edition.


At 2006, Benecé created with a group of distributors the Digital Cinema Catalan Circuit, consisted of 38 movie theaters at Catalonia, as well as being together with the Digital Version portal at Spain with 113 cinemas, with the purpose of providing digital content (concerts, auteur film…) to the whole circuit.

We schedule auteur films periodically, television novelties before the broadcasting and live alternative content, like satellite broadcasting of concerts, opera and ballet from all over Europe.